Kathleen Kay

I have just enjoyed a very hot weekend workshop with several enthusiastic (and very hot) members of Region 4 at our Shrewsbury venue: the theme was Reticulation, inspired and directed by Jenny Gore. What an opportunity and a privilege to be taught with such fun, generosity of information and friendly. lively demonstrations.

New members may wonder who is Jenny Gore?' But some of us more mature folk may admit to having known of her and her work for something over twenty years, Jenny is a lively, creative, Australian enameller who exhibits and teaches worldwide, having developed various techniques and styles over the years. I remember, around twenty years ago, a series of slides of her work presented at Conference by Maureen Carswell and inspired by patchwork quilts. In a 1996 Australian Enamel Newsletter profile Jenny admitted to being mainly self-taught, experimenting with most techniques and materials and reading every book she could find on enamelling the advantage being, no-one could tell her what shouldn't be done. Some of her exhibits were large, made up of several units. Early exhibitions were inspired by all things connected with the sea, rock forms, aerial views and places she had travelled.