(N.B. Additional useful technical information on the pieces in the journal has kindly been supplied by Jane)

I joined the Guild of Enamellers last year having been encouraged to do so by Jeanne Crosse whom I met at the Bristol School of Art enamelling course. In April this year I attended my first Conference, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Having read about selection in the introductory bumph, I decided ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’, I would have a go. I am really glad I took this decision because had I attended a Conference first and seen all the wonderful work; I would definitely not have had the confidence to apply. However, ignorance is bliss, and I went ahead and was so pleased to receive the CGE award.

The six pieces I took along were:

1. Grisaille Heads (78 x 78 mms)

2006Autumn geeson 1