The award is available to adult members of the Guild with less than three years Enamelling experience. It is assessed by the Chairman's Committee, which consists of the vice chairman, retiring chairman and present chairman.

The requirement for entry is three pieces of work showing three techniques; brief notes to accompany each piece and a personal statement. Guild members are only eligible to enter Hans Theilade once. Special provisions are made for disabled enamellers.

Work submitted cannot be used for any further Selection application.


Hans Theilade was a founder member of the Guild who worked tirelessly to introduce the delights of enamelling, in its simplest forms, to as many people as possible. He is remembered for "his sense of fun, experimentation and love of enamelling".


Applying for the award

To apply for the Hans Theilade award please log into the site and complete an application form.

Your entries (including your notes) should only be identified by your Guild Number so please ensure that your name does not appear in any of your notes or on your work. You will be sent 3 tags to attach to each of your pieces; show this number on one side and your Guild Number on the reverse. Also write these numbers on the appropriate notes.

Your pieces will be considered for all other annual Guild Awards during the Conference.